General Admission: $7 - Open play on the inflatables and the Magnetic Climbing Wall.  Ideal for kids 4 years and older.

"Animal Kingdom" 
Toddler Play Area Only Admission : $3

Playing Parents: $3 
(Includes Inflatables and Shooting Simulator)

FREE for non-playing parents!

More than 15 Shooting Simulator Games  
$1 Unlimited Play
(Free to adults with adult admission, or with a birthday party package)

        Golfing Simulator: $2.00 
        Free for parents with birthday party package

 Party Rates

Room rental plus $8 per playing child. Customer provides their own food, and drinks.  
Shooting and golfing simulator FREE for adults with party package.

1 hour and 30 minutes room time. 
$50.00 rental (plus tax) for small room (20 seats around the table).
$50.00 for an additional hour in the smaller room.

$100.00 rental (plus tax) for large room (40 seats around the table).
$100.00 for an additional hour in the larger room.

(Additional time must be paid at time of reservation, if available).

Complimentary tablecloth and clean up.

Facility Rental
$400 for 2 hours, $100 for each additional hour.
Sun 7am-11:30am & 6:30pm-12 midnight
Sat 7am-11:30am & 8:30pm- 12 midnight
Mon-Fri 7am-9:30am & 8:30- 12 midnight

MoJoBaS Fun Factory