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Admission and Party Prices

General Admission: $8.00 (tax included).
​Those 2 years and older. Also for playing adults not accompanied by their kid(s).

Toddler Play Area Only Admission : $5.00 (tax included).
Open play on the jump house inflatable, caterpillar tunnel and chalk board.  For kids 3 years and younger. Parents can play with their toddlers in this area at no additional charge.

Augmented Climbing Wall: $4.00 (tax included)
Unlimited climbing.  Must wear shoes or boots. No sandals or flip-flops.

Rock Wall: $4.00 (tax included)
Unlimited climbing. Must be between 40-245 lbs. Must wear shoes or boots. No sandals or flip-flops.
Cyborbot: $4.00 (tax included) 
Must be 42inches or taller, and less than 240 lbs.

Animal Ride: $3.00 (tax included) 
Ideal for 4 years and older, less than 190 lbs.

HitTrax: $3.00 (tax included) 
Baseball/Softball hitting simulator Does not grant exclusive access, unless renting for private use..

Playing Parents with child admission: $4.00 (tax included).
Includes open play in the general area.

No Charge for non-playing parents!

Party Rates

Toddler Party Rate
Room rental fee plus $4.00 (tax included) per playing child in toddler area only.

General Party Rate
Room rental fee plus $7.00 (tax included) per playing child on the inflatables.

All-Inclusive Rate
Room rental fee plus $11.00 (tax included) per playing child. Includes inflatables, rock wall, Cyberbot, Animal Ride, and HitTrax. Height and weight restrictions.

Hot Dog Combo
Additional $3.00 per party admission.  Includes 1 hot dog, one 1 oz. bag of chips, and bottled soda or water. (Must be confirmed at reservation)

Party Includes:
1 hour and 30 minutes room rental time. Unlimited playtime!
Host may bring their own food and decorations.
Only pay for the guests who show up.

$50.00 plus tax, rental for party room.
Must pay in advance to reserve the room.
(Seats 22 around the table).
$100.00 plus tax for an additional hour. 
(Additional time must be paid at time of reservation, if available).
Complimentary tablecloth, napkins, and clean up.

**No parties, or any form of celebration, is to be conducted in the general areas.  You must reserve a private room.**

MoJoBaS Fun Factory
Example of total party cost:
           Room Rental Fee:                     $53.50
            (Paid in advance.)
           10 Kids in General Play Area:    $70
            (Paid at the end of your party.)

           TOTAL PARTY COST:              $123.50
One of three rooms available.

Facility Rental
$400 plus tax  for 2 hours, 
$100 plus tax for each additional hour.
Sun 7am-11:30am & 6:30pm-12 midnight.
Sat 7am-11:30am & 8:30pm- 12 midnight.
Mon-Fri 7am-9:30am & 8:30- 12 midnight.

MoJoBaS Batting Cage Rental Pricing
Cages available to rent by reservation only. Must book ahead. No walk-ins.
Mon-Fri 5-8pm​. Sat and Sun 11am-4pm

1 Cage Rental (60 min.): $20  

(Register under parent or coach name.)

$50/month  - 1 Cage, 1 Hr./Once a week.

$85/month - 2 Cages, 1 Hr./Once a week.

$225/Annual - At least1 cage, 1 Hr/Once a week, for a year.

Call for scheduling and pricing for lessons !

(770) 575-0717